Saturday, November 21, 2009

2010 100+ Reading Challenge

J. Kaye is hosting the 100+ Reading Challenge again for 2010. Though I failed to meet that goal in 2009--well, unless something miraculous happens between now and New Year's Eve--I want to try to meet it in 2010.

1. The Crippled Lamb by Max Lucado
2. The Oak Inside the Acorn by Max Ludado
3. The Apothecary's Daughter by Julie Klassen
4. The Silent Governess by Julie Klassen
5. A Lady Like Sarah by Margaret Brownley
6. The Gospel in Genesis by Martyn Lloyd Jones
7. the Moment Between by Nicole Baart
8. A Small Child's Book of Prayers. Illustrated by Cyndy Szekeres
9. Sunday Is For God. By Michael McGowan.
10. Anything But Normal by Melody Carlson
11. Your God Is Too Small. By J.B. Phillips.
13. We're All In The Same Boat by Zachary Shapiro
14. Noah's Bark. Stephen Krensky.
15. Abigail by Jill Eileen Smith
16. Out with the In Crowd by Stephanie Morrill
17. The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis
18. Somewhere to Belong by Judith Miller
19. The Secret Providence of God by John Calvin
20. Hearts Awakening by Delia Parr
21. The Centurion's Wife. Davis Bunn. Janette Oke.
22. A Distant Melody by Sarah Sundin.
25. Here Burns My Candle. Liz Curtis Higgs.
26. Heart of Stone. Jill Marie Landis
28. Love Finds You in Homestead, Iowa by Melanie Dobson
29. Be Still My Soul edited by Nancy Guthrie
31. As Young As We Feel by Melody Carlson
32. My First Read-Aloud Bible. Retold by Mary Batchelor & Penny Boshoff.
33. She Walks In Beauty by Siri Mitchell
34. Sixteen Brides by Stephanie Grace Whitson
35. Raised With Christ by Adrian Warnock
37. Dig Deeper: Tools for Understanding God's Word. By Nigel Beynon and Andrew Sach.
39. The Bookends of the Christian Life. Jerry Bridges and Bob Bevington. 2009. March 2009. Crossway Publishers. 160 pages.
40. Scarlet Letter. Nathaniel Hawthorne
42. Crossing Oceans by Gina Holmes.
43. Rise and Shine. Illustrated by Tim Warnes.
44. Jesus. Illustrated by Gennady Spirin.
45. Life, In Spite of Me: Extraordinary Hope After A Fatal Choice. Kristen Jane Anderson. Tricia Goyer.
47. The Last Christian. David Gregory.
48. A Matter of Character. Robin Lee Hatcher.
49. The Sword. Bryan M. Litfin
50. A Hopeful Heart. Kim Vogel Sawyer.
51. Purity: A Godly Woman's Adornment. Lydia Brownback.
52. Love Finds You in Homestead, Iowa by Lena Nelson Dooley
53. A Tailor Made Bride by Karen Witemeyer
55. Maid to Match. Deeanne Gist.
56. What is the Gospel? by Greg Gilbert
57. Simon's Crossing. Charles William Asher. Dennis Patrick Slattery.
58. Magdalene. Angela Hunt
59. All God's Creatures. Karen Hill.
60. A Morning Like This by Deborah Bedford
61. When You Believe. Deborah Bedford
63. Touching the Clouds. Bonnie Leon.
64. The Sister Wife. Diane Noble
66. Courting Morrow Little by Laura Frantz
67. Fancy Pants. Cathy Marie Hake.
69. Masquerade by Nancy Moser.
71. The Devil in Pew Number Seven: A True Story. Rebecca Nichols Alonzo with Bob DeMoss.
72. The Vigilante's Bride. Yvonne Harris.
73. Choosing to SEE: A Journey of Struggle and Hope. Mary Beth Chapman. With Ellen Vaughn.
74. Wildflowers of Terezin. Robert Elmer.
75. The Thorn. Beverly Lewis.
76. More Than Words by Judith Miller.
77. In Every Heartbeat. Kim Vogel Sawyer.
78. Love's First Bloom. Delia Parr.
79. A Hope Undaunted by Julie Lessman
80. A Girl Named Mister by Nikki Grimes
81. God's Mighty Acts in Creation by Starr Meade.
82. God's Mighty Acts in Salvation. Starr Meade. 
83. Dark Sons. Nikki Grimes. 
84. The Road to Paris. Nikki Grimes.
85. I Will Rejoice. Karma Wilson.
86. Mortimer's Christmas Manger. Karma Wilson.
87. Mortimer's First Garden. Karma Wilson
90. While We're Far Apart. Lynn Austin.
91. Snow Day. Billy Coffey.
92. Cottonwood Whispers. Jennifer Erin Valent.
93. The First Christmas: A Changing-Picture Book. Illustrated by Sophy Williams
94. Fahrenheit 451. Ray Bradbury.
95. Story of Christmas. Vivian French.
96. We Believe in Christmas. Karen Kingsbury.
97. Silent Night: A Christmas Carol is Born. Maureen Brett Hooper.
98. Music From Our Lord's Holy Heaven. Gathered and Sung by Gloria Jean Pinkney.
99. A Baby Born in Bethlehem. Martha Whitmore Hickman.
100. This Is The Stable. Cynthia Cotten.
101. One Wintry Night. Ruth Bell Graham.
102. What Good is God? In Search of A Faith That Matters. Philip Yancey.
103.  The Mystery of the Holy Spirit by R.C. Sproul 
104. A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
105. To Whom the Angel Spoke: A Story of the Christmas. Terry Kay.
106. Miracle of Christmas: God With Us. John MacArthur.

© Becky Laney of Operation Actually Read Bible

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Anonymous said...

When I read that you didn't meet the 100 books in 2009 or that you aren't going to, I was like "What!?!" You are a reading machine. When I clicked on the link and read the restrictions, I understood. Are you planning to keep the same guidelines for 2010 as you did in 2009?