Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Book Review: Fearless

Lucado, Max. 2009. Fearless. Thomas Nelson Publishers. 221 pages.

Fearless may just be my first Max Lucado book to read cover to cover. (Granted I haven't sought out his picture books. I'm sure I could finish those off easily enough.) Before Fearless, we just hadn't clicked all that well together. But the relevance of this one made it work...for me. And I imagine it will work for you too. Fear. Worry. Anxiety. It's hard not to be effected by these. So Lucado's book on why you should be fearless has immediate relevance.

My favorite chapter of the entire book is called "The One Healthy Terror." This chapter deals with the only good fear there is--the fear of the Lord.

"From a biblical perspective, there is nothing neurotic about fearing God. The neurotic thing is not to be afraid, or to be afraid of the wrong thing. That is why God chooses to be known to us, so that we may stop being afraid of the wrong thing. When God is fully revealed to us and we 'get it,' then we experience the conversion of our fear...'Fear of the Lord' is the deeply sane recognition that we are not God."
How long since you felt this fear? Since a fresh understanding of Christ buckled your knees and emptied your lungs? Since a glimpse of him left you speechless and breathless? If it's been a while, that explains your fears.
When Christ is great, our fears are not.
As awe of Jesus expands, fears of life diminish. A big God translates into big courage. A small view of God generates no courage. (169)
The book addresses many different types of fears--everything from the fear of not mattering to the fear of life's final moments to the fear of worst-case scenarios. Chances are you'll find words that speak directly to you and to your situation.

© Becky Laney of Operation Actually Read Bible


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I kind of avoided Lucado in the past. The only reason was that he wrote so many books and they were all heavily promoted so I thought they would be glib and shallow.
I found Fearless to be pretty good and I thought his writing very good.

Annette said...

I listened to an interview of Max Lucado about this new book, I can't wait to read it.

Annette said...

Max Lucado is going to be in Waco November 12. I plan on going.