Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Book Review: The Moment Between

The Moment Between. Nicole Baart. 2009. [April 2009] Tyndale. 384 pages.

She left the world the same way that she had entered it: swathed in robes of scarlet so red and angry and portentous as to be mistaken for black.

The Moment Between is a novel about broken people, broken people in need of grace. In a way, we are all broken people, we all are people in need of grace. But The Moment Between is an aching novel, a haunting novel, a novel that goes to extremes to show the brokenness, the pain, the angst, the uncomfortableness of life. The story within is dark, but it isn't without hope.

What is it about? It's about a woman, Abigail Bennett, who comes apart, comes undone after her sister, Hailey, commits suicide. Abigail feels responsible, at least partly responsible, for her sister's death. Why couldn't she have been there for her sister more? Why couldn't she listen more? understand more? Why didn't she see the signs? Why didn't her sister reach out to her instead? Why did her sister choose death over family? What was it in her life that made living so unbearable? That made death the only answer? Surely, Abigail could have or should have done something to make a difference, right?

Abigail does feel partly to blame. But she also blames someone else. His name is Tyler. She knows very little about him. She's just pieced together clues here and there from searching her sister's apartment, but she knows he was her sister's last boyfriend. She knows that Hailey was so in love and so happy just days before her death. So what changed? What did Tyler do to her sister? What did he say? What did he do?

Abigail needs to blame someone. And since Tyler has left town, left Florida, she's gone on a desperate search for him. A search that will take her across the border, to Canada. Will she find the answers she needs? Will she find peace? Or will this obsession just lead to more confusion, more anguish?

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