Thursday, November 24, 2011

Book Review: Jesus + Nothing = Everything

Jesus + Nothing = Everything. Tullian Tchividjian. 2011. Crossway Books. 220 pages.

Never had I experienced anything so tough. I could hardly eat, had trouble sleeping, and was continually battling nausea. I felt at the absolute end of myself.

What can I say about Jesus + Nothing = Everything?! No words can do it true justice. For it might just be a life-changing book for you. I HOPE it is a life-changing book for you. I really do. For it is a book rich in truth, abounding in gospel-treasure.

It's a short book. But don't let the size trick you. This one has SO MUCH to offer readers.

So what is it about? Well, it's about how Jesus Christ has accomplished it all. It is about how believers can be reassured by Christ's saying IT IS FINISHED. It is about how we cannot possibly hope to earn God's love. It is about how God couldn't possibly love us more than he already does. It is about how we don't have to earn God's favor, we don't have to have our own righteousness. It is about how the Christian faith IS NOT about keeping rules and obeying laws and commandments.

This book is all about God's grace, God's mercy. It is about how the Christian life SHOULD be led. It is all about learning simple truths that can free you from yourself, free you from guilt and shame, free you from lies. It is all about accepting God's word as truth and living day by day in his grace, in his love.

As I said, this book does have the potential--the power--to change your life, to open your eyes. It is one of those books that is SO VERY VERY good that if you only have time to read one book per year, this is THAT book. Well, I'll amend book in addition to the Holy Bible!

It's a book that I hope to reread soon! And when I do reread it, I'll try to share my quotes with you.

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