Saturday, February 18, 2012

Book Review: Grace God's Unmerited Favor

Grace God's Unmerited Favor. Charles Spurgeon. 1996. Whitaker House. 175 pages.

This is the fourth Charles Spurgeon book I've reviewed today. And I purposefully saved it for last because it is the best of the best of the best. Grace God's Unmerited Favor is one of those books that NEEDS to be read and reread and reread. It is a true must-read.

The six chapters are entitled:

The Covenant of Grace (Psalm 111:5)
Salvation Altogether By Grace (2 Timothy 1:9)
Grace, the One Way of Salvation (Acts 15:11)
All of Grace (Ephesians 2:8)
Grace for the Covenanter (Psalm 25:10)
Twelve Covenant Mercies (Isaiah 55:3)

This book was AMAZING. Truly amazing. It is was rich in Scripture, rich in truth--I love the way Spurgeon quotes Scripture, I do, he relies on it so much in his works. Modern writers use the Bible, too--especially the ones I read published by Crossway--but I haven't found anyone who can write exactly the same way as Spurgeon. If you have not read him before because you're worried that he's out of date or irrelevant or too wordy, don't be. The four I've read this February have been fabulous. Three out of the four I read in two days or less!!! And Grace: God's Unmerited Favor would be a great starting place!!! Not just for those looking to give Spurgeon a try, not just for those wanting to give Christian nonfiction a try, but for ANY new believer in Christ.

I marked dozens and dozens of passages to share with you. Well, passages that I wanted to come back to myself. But what I discovered when I was rereading them is that they are all connected--too connected--and that I can't easily pull out sentences. For where would I start and where would I end when each paragraph builds upon another? It would also be hard to narrow it down to a reasonable number. I can't share every page of the text in this one. And sometimes my "favorite" sections would be just that--page after page after page. So I'll just say, read this one for yourself.

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Doug Webber said...

Yes, Spurgeon is a good writer. But not everything he says is correct. And it comes from a false word definition.

Grace does not mean "unmerited favor". It simply means favor, and the definition was changed to "unmerited favor" by the Protestant Reformers. The error that the Protestant churches have committed is that they have misread the writings of the apostle Paul - when he is talking about the law, he is talking about the external rituals of the Mosaic law. He is not talking about the 10 commandments. Salvation is not free. You cannot just sit and do nothing. It is a covenant where you must do your part and repent, and LIVE the faith. Faith is not mere belief or lip confession. This is a most recent invention in the history of Christianity. See The False Theological Definition of the word "Grace" and The Fundamental Error of the Protestant Faith And if you want to hear someone else who is saying the exact same thing, see IS GOD'S GRACE UNMERITED FAVOR?'s-grace-unmerited-favor

Think about it. Why else would Jesus say when he comes, he will judge everyone according to their WORKS? (Matt. 16:17, Matt. 25:31-46, Rev. 2:23)