Sunday, November 23, 2008

Playing Catch up...

Sometimes you can have the best of intentions and everything still goes wrong. Unless listening to Andrew Peterson counts as quality time with God, I've got nothing much to show for October and November. That isn't quite true. I've listened to a handful of sermons from Bethlehem Bible Church. And I've gone to my own church each Sunday. But time spent in prayer and Bible reading... not so much... not at all. It's easy to be discouraged. It's easy to beat myself up over it too. But that won't solve anything, will it? 

I've been thinking about this. How my first assumption, my first reaction is to just shrug everything off. To say that I should just wait for January. That on January 1rst I will suddenly wake up with discipline and patience and maturity. But twenty-something years of January 2nds tell me otherwise. There isn't one perfect day that I need to wait for to make a new life, a new start. Every day should be a day in its own right. I may mess up a lot. I may lack discipline. But putting everything onto another day, another week, another month, won't help me...or the long run. It is always easy to have excuses. 

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