Thursday, November 6, 2008

Book Review: A Bride Most Begrudging

A Bride Most Begrudging by DeeAnne Gist, 2005

Lady Constance Morrow is a woman who is kidnapped and taken to the American colonies as a "tobacco bride" along with a shipful of convicts that will become indentured servants. Purchased by Drew O'Connor, Constance's story is not at first believed. That she is a daughter of an Earl. That she was kidnapped. That she is a proper lady from a very wealthy family. But slowly and surely, Drew realizes that this English miss is indeed telling the truth. For one thing, she can't cook and she doesn't know how to clean. Another thing, she not only knows how to read and write...arithmetic is her favorite subject. (Granted a real English miss wouldn't be educated in math or other "unladylike" and "unnecessary" subjects.) When she was purchased, she was told that marriage was not a part of the bargain. He was interested only in someone watching out for his three year old sister and having someone cook and clean. Since Drew purchased Mary, another woman on the ship, as well. Lady Constance is spared some of those hardships. But soon after her arrival, the colonists or the council or some body of men meet and decide that Drew must either marry one of the women he has bought and brought into his household OR be banished from the Virginian colonies forever--after having one of his arms broken first. Not a hard choice to make really, marriage it is! But this marriage of convenience is slowly revealed to be just what both need. Can this husband and wife learn to love each other and learn to work together to survive the harsh realities of life? Or will stubborness and prejudice get in the way of true love and happily ever after?

I really loved this book!!!!

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