Monday, August 15, 2011

Book Review: The Colonel's Lady

The Colonel's Lady. Laura Frantz. 2011. Revell. 412 pages.

Kentucke Territory, November 1779
This is madness.
Roxanna Rowan leaned against the slick cave entrance and felt an icy trickle drop down the back of her neck as she bent her head. Her right hand, shaky as an aspen leaf, caressed the cold steel of the pistol in her pocket.

I loved this one. I just LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it. I know you might think I'm exaggerating. That I say that about every book I read. But that's not the case. I'm a big, big fan of Laura Frantz. I've found her novels to be incredibly wonderful reads, the kind of books that satisfy in so many ways. The type of book that you can't put down and never want to be over.

This one is set in 1779/1780 in Kentucke Territory. When the novel opens, our heroine, Roxanna Rowan, is on her way to visit her father who is serving under Colonel Cassius McLinn. By the time she arrives at the fort--with a few unexpected additions, a handful of women (former prostitutes) and a young child, Abby--her father is already dead. Not that news has reached the fort yet, mind you, but the first news Roxanna hears is not good. But travel is unsafe, and the Colonel is still in need of a scrivener. So until she can safely travel back to civilization, Roxanna has little choice but to remain where she is. And what she learns is that while life on the frontier is dangerous, it is also exciting. Part of this excitement is just from being near the Colonel. Being in the same room with him, working with him, well, it's got her feeling out of sorts--in a GOOD way. And the Colonel is just as drawn to her. But he feels responsible for her father's death. So there are a few complications...

This romance is SATISFYING. I was so giddy while reading this one. I just loved Colonel Cassius McLinn; I just loved Roxanna. And Abby was quite enjoyable as well!

If you love historical fiction, if you love historical romance, then you should definitely read this one!

Laura Frantz has also written Courting Morrow Little and The Frontiersman's Daughter.

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Laura Frantz said...

Becky, I always wait for your review with baited breath. You've had a special place in my heart since your first review of TFD. Love, love, love this one! So happy you enjoyed the story. Everything you bring out here is so interesting to me. And now I can go to sleep with a comforting thought - if you like the book, discerning reader that you are, it can't be too bad;)!! Bless you.