Monday, August 8, 2011

Book Review: Let God Change Your Life

Let God Change Your Life: How To Know and Follow Jesus. Greg Laurie. 2011. David C. Cook. 288 pages.

It has been said there are two things that are true of every person: We all want to be happy, and we are all going to die. 

I really enjoyed reading Greg Laurie's Let God Change Your Life. I thought it was a compelling read. I found it relevant and challenging. If you're looking for a book that says all you have to do is pray a little scripted prayer once in your life and you're good to go--come what may--then this won't sit well with you. It may make some uncomfortable to realize that being a Christian means being a follower of Christ. And that it is essential for new believers to follow Christ, to grow in grace and truth. The book never says that salvation comes through anything other than grace. The book never says that works are more important than grace. But readers are challenged to think about HOW they live their lives. To examine themselves to see if they are in the faith, in Christ.

The book is divided into three sections: how to know God, discipleship, and making Him known. The first section, as you might expect, focuses on the gospel, on what it means to be a Christian; it covers the essentials of the faith. The second section focuses on the christian life, on how we are to follow Christ each and every day of our lives, how we're called to serve God in everything we do, on how we are not our own, but His. The third section focuses on evangelism. Laurie challenges believers to share the gospel with others. He challenges readers to CARE about others, to care so much that they take Christ into the world. Not every reader wants to hear about the responsibilities we're given as followers of Christ. But I think it's important--necessary even--to get this message.

I would definitely recommend this one.

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Just found your blog, love it! I am reviewing this book on the 10th. I loved the book as well!!