Sunday, October 2, 2011

Thinking about 2012 Goals

I have been thinking and rethinking my yearly goals the past two or three weeks. And while I'm not ready to officially commit to these goals being MY goals for next year, these are the goals that I am--at the moment--considering.

Commit to reading the New Testament 12 times in 2012. I wouldn't necessarily be committing to read twelve different translations of the New Testament, though, of course, that would be one way to go with it. I'm thinking a balance of translations--new and old, familiar and unfamiliar--would be the way to go. I *know* that it's possible to read the New Testament in a month. I've done it in seven days. But I'm not sure I could keep on reading it once a month. That would be the challenge, I believe, not in accomplishing it the first or even second time. But could I stay committed all twelve months?

Commit to reading the Old Testament twice. (I've read the Old Testament four times this year--and the New Testament seven times.) If I spend all my time reading the New Testament, will I still find time to read the Old Testament twice? I don't know. I couldn't begin to predict...

Commit to reading 40 Christian Books A Year. I know, I know. It's not 100 books. But it is REALLY STRESSFUL trying to make that big a number. And weeks where I don't get two in, well, I start thinking about how I'm falling behind. And months with low totals, instead of feeling pleased with what I was able to read, I regret that I didn't get more read.

Commit to meditating on one hymn or worship song per week. Sometimes I'm surprised by how trivial my memory is. I find myself knowing all the words to completely irrelevant songs. Yet I don't know all the words (without looking) to my favorite hymns. Something is wrong with that picture. I remember my mom talking about how her grandmother would sing hymns all the time. And it made me realize that something is missing in my life. I am NOT committing to memorizing songs word by word, verse and chorus. Though I hope that repetition--reading morning and evening, all week long--might be beneficial.

Commit to listening to one ministry per month on the radio or OnePlace, etc. There would be NO MINIMUM requirements. Though, of course, if you didn't listen to at least ONE broadcast that month it would be a failure. But it wouldn't be requiring you to listen to five sermons a week for four or five weeks. My goal is to acquaint myself with different preachers and teachers, to see which ones work best for me. Each month would be a DIFFERENT ministry. Perhaps each month I would do one post on which ministry I chose and talk about the series/sermons I listened to?

I do still plan on listening to as many sermons as possible from Bethlehem Bible Church. But I don't think I'm going to make a separate goal for that.

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Annette said...

I don't think I could read all of the NT 12 times in one year. But I am planning on picking another NT book to read every month in 2012. I would rather pick 1 book to read/meditate on.
Thank you for the list of websites to listen to sermons on.