Monday, October 1, 2012

Book Review: My First Handy Bible

My First Handy Bible: Timeless Bible Stories for Toddlers. Cecilie Olesen. Illustrated by Gustavo Mazali. Scandinavia Publishing House. 64 pages.

My First Handy Bible is a board book bible story collection for young children. It offers thirty stories: nineteen from the Old Testament, eleven from the New Testament. Each story is told in a two-page spread in just a short paragraph.

For example, "God Makes Samson Strong"
When Samson was born, God blessed him and made him very strong. Samson helped to rescue the Israelites from their enemies. Judges 13:1 - 16:31.) 
And "David the Shepherd Boy"
David was a shepherd. He took well care of his sheep. God wanted David to be King one day and take care of his people. 1 Samuel 16:1-13
And, "Jesus is Born"
Jesus was born in Bethlehem. Three wise men wanted to visit Jesus. They followed a star to find him and they gave him gifts. Luke 2:1-20
Note: I'm not sure exactly why they reference the Luke narrative when the Wise Men narrative is in Matthew 2:1-12.

The text itself is simple, uncomplicated. Most of the details from each story are simplified greatly and the complexity and richness is lost a little. But it is a board book of bible stories, and the pages are sturdy enough for little hands, and most bible story books are "gentle books." So there's a definite need for more board books.

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