Sunday, October 21, 2012

Book Review: A Promise to Love

A Promise to Love. Serena B. Miller. 2012. Revell. 332 pages.

A Promise to Love is a book that made me giddy. I just LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it. Within a chapter or so, I knew it would be a gush-worthy book. I have loved plenty of books through the years, been happy to recommend even more books. But it's rare for me to get this excited about a book, this book just makes me super-happy. I just LOVE it so completely. (I already want to reread it!) The good news is that I LOVED it. The not-so-good news? Well, with books I love this intensely, it's difficult for me to focus on writing a (good) review.

If you enjoy historical fiction, or, historical romance, then this is a MUST read. It is set in Michigan in the early 1870s. (1870 and 1871 to be exact.)

Ingrid Larsen, our heroine, is in a difficult position when the novel opens. She's been working as a maid, but, her employer is proving impossible. Not just from her perspective, but from other people's perspectives too. There are even a few in town who pity Ingrid because they know she's working for such a woman. Soon after the novel opens, she leaves her job and is taken in by a compassionate woman who sympathizes with her, Hazel. (I just LOVE Hazel and her dog). While staying with Hazel, she learns about Joshua Hunter, a widower with five children. His former in-laws are accusing him of murder, blaming him completely for their daughter's death. He's a complete mess and Ingrid sees this first hand at the court, which is perhaps one of the reasons why she impulsively volunteers to be his wife when the custody of his children becomes threatened. The children need a mother, well, she'll be that mother. Joshua doesn't know what to think about Ingrid, he's truly puzzled by her. But. He trusts Hazel who urges him to take a chance. And so the two are married that very day...

I loved just about everything in this one. I loved the characters, the story, the writing and dialogue; I loved the sweet intensity of it. And I LOVED the author's note. This is definitely one of my favorite reads of the year.

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