Sunday, September 18, 2016

Microscope Bible Reading Project

This quote by D.L. Moody has inspired me to try something a little different.
THERE are two opposite ways to study the Bible. One is to study it with a telescope, taking a grand sweep of a whole book and trying to find out God’s plan in it; the other, with a microscope, taking up a verse at a time, dissecting it, analyzing it. ~ D. L. Moody, Pleasure and Profit in Bible Study
My intention--from this day forward--is to read daily (or near daily) with both a telescope and a microscope. To have one Bible going with a telescope--large chunks, big picture, steady pace. And another Bible--a second Bible--going with a microscope: a chapter or two at a time, rereading again and again, putting myself in the text, asking questions, JOURNALING.

Now I've been experimenting with journaling since January. But this is the first project-driven journal.

Right now, my MICROSCOPE project is using the HCSB translation. Choosing the HCSB was no accident, choosing to read it slowly and deliberately--with a microscope--was. I found myself three or four days in a row just reading and rereading Genesis 1. About the third or fourth day when I still wasn't ready to move forward, I was like, maybe I should embrace this. Maybe I should give myself permission to take AS LONG AS IT TAKES instead of pushing to finish.

I don't think there is anything wrong with fast-and-steady and BIG PICTURE. That is my natural habit. It just is. My name is Becky. I read fast. I read a LOT. I reread always. So it will be going out of my comfort zone to slow it down, to stay still--to BE still--and focus.

Now I'm not taking the super-scholarly approach and trying to learn Hebrew or Greek.

My TELESCOPE project--currently--is trying to finish the ESV. My very lovely aunt surprised me with a large print ESV Bible in the spring. I've loved reading it. I have. And I have just seventeen books or so left--out of 66. So I'm hoping to finish that Bible soon. Perhaps even by October?????

I'm already planning ahead for how I want to spend my October through December. I'm considering, emphasis on considering, trying to read the Bible in 90 days. I've never done it during this time of year before. (I've done it in January-March, I believe, and June-August). I have narrowed it down to two choices: the NIV JOURNALING THE WORD Bible or the MEV. I've never read the MEV all the way through. But I just received the loveliest review copy of the NIV Journaling the Word Bible. (Which would you choose?!)

© Becky Laney of Operation Actually Read Bible

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Risa said...

I really admire how much into the Word you are! I don't think I have ever read the Bible fully (leave alone from cover to cover!) I've read the NT a few times through and through, but I have yet to read about 5 or 6 books from the OT even once! I don't plan my Bible Study ahead. I could make a list, and then I know I wouldn't follow through after Day 1. However, I do end up doing either one of the two ways of Studying you've just mentioned...usually the microscopic method.

I wish you all the best with your latest goal! I couldn't help you with your choice as I tend to stick like glue to either the KJV or NKJV. :)