Thursday, September 15, 2016

True or False with A.W. Tozer

It's been over a year since my last game of True or False with A.W. Tozer. Today's questions come from The Voice of A Prophet

1. True or False:
Christianity is not a commercial commodity or product.
2. True or False:
There seems to be no condemnation element in the church anymore. Conviction has lost its place, and nobody is calling the church to repentance. There is nothing to repent for anymore. We are God’s happy, happy little children, dancing our way into heaven. What a pathetic description. 

3. True or False:
It is not the messenger; it is the message that needs to be proclaimed. The most significant thing about the prophet is the message he conveys, and that message had better be rooted in the heart of God.
4. True or False
The church is being flooded with books that are adversely affecting a whole generation of Christians.
5. True or false
There is no virtue in always condemning yourself, because the Word of God shows us what is right in us as well as what is wrong.
6. True or false
Every move of God in an individual heart begins with a deep sense of discontent. God cannot help anyone who does not first have a deep discontentment with himself.
7. True or False
No battle is ever won on the day it is fought.
8. True or false
All real dangers are spiritual dangers, and there is not any other kind. 
9. True or false
If we go down in complete surrender, we take a shortcut to victory. If we stand up and fight for ourselves, we take a shortcut to defeat.
10. True or false
What is desperately needed in the church today are men and women who are so obsessed with God that only God matters.
11. True or false
Today we have fixed up Christianity so that we go around telling people how easy it is. We gather people together and say, “You’ve got it all wrong. Jesus is not going to lay any burdens on you. He is going to take them off. He is not going to let you get into trouble; He is going to pull you out of trouble. Serving the Lord is the easiest, smoothest, slickest thing in all the world. You can have a wonderful time and just be happy, happy, happy, and then go to heaven.” Many people believe in this contorted position of being a Christian. If we had the courage of Elijah, we would tell them, “If you will follow Jesus, you will have His enemies; if you follow Jesus, you will have His troubles; if you follow Jesus, you will have His rejection; if you follow Jesus, they will think the same of you as they did of Him, and what they thought of Him can be seen on a hill outside Jerusalem. They took Him out and nailed Him on the cross.”
12. True or false
We moderns know everything but ourselves. We do not know ourselves because we cannot get quiet enough. The trouble with us is that we cannot get quiet enough to wait on God. We have the idea that if we are not talking, something’s wrong. Somebody has to be talking all the time. Someone has to be making a rattling noise of some sort. 
13. True or false
To the average person today, God is just an idea, nothing more.
14. True or false
It would be morally and psychologically impossible for God to prepare the way of the Lord. We are to prepare the way of the Lord. If God Himself got out of His chariot and built the way, it would be to violate His own nature and the nature of man. Man himself must prepare the way for the coming of the Lord. The way of the Lord is not smooth, and God cannot move in as He wants to move in. If we are to see the glory of the Lord revealed, we are going to have to prepare a way for the Lord.
15. True or false
You can learn more from a man who fails than from a man who succeeds if the failure brings him to surrender to God.

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