Saturday, December 3, 2016

True or False with A.W. Tozer

My last game of True or False with A.W. Tozer was in September. Today's quotes come from Alive in the Spirit.

True or False: "Our society is obsessed with entertainment, and this has come into the church of Jesus Christ."

True or False: "Worship and entertainment are opposites and cannot be mixed. It is either one or the other."

True or False: "No subject could be more crucial to the church today than the Holy Spirit."

True or False: "No matter how much I know about God, there is much more I do not know."

True or False: "We must do more than just believe the truth; we must allow the truth to transform us radically into new creatures in Christ."

True or False: "God does not choose us for who we are, or how qualified we are, but rather for who He is and what He is permitted to do through our lives."

True or False: "Nobody is a challenge for the Holy Spirit. It is not my imperfections that challenge the Holy Spirit, because He is perfect and works according to His perfections."

True or False: "The focus of everything God does is His people."

True or False: "Each generation believes they have the right perspective on spiritual things and are convinced they know better than their forefathers."

True or False: "We have become a culture of Christians trying to do God’s work apart from the enduement of the Holy Spirit in our lives. We acknowledge Him in our creeds but rarely in our work and in our lives."

True or False: "We need to know from where we have come, we need to know our heritage, and we need to know the message that has come down to us from the days of the apostles. That message has not changed."

True or False: "You cannot be an evangelical Christian without believing in the Trinity."

True or False: "The Holy Spirit can communicate with you, He can love you, and He can be grieved and quenched when you ignore Him."

True or False: "Many Christians are so busy reading Christian fiction they never get around to reading the creeds written by the church fathers."

True or false: "Nobody can deceive the Holy Ghost."

True or false: "When we deal with God, we must deal with Him on His terms, not ours. When we come into a church setting, we must leave behind us our will and our intentions."

True or false: "Worship is never about the person worshiping, but rather the Person we are worshiping."

True or false: "Christians should be the happiest people in the world, and should not have to look anywhere but in the Bible and to God above for satisfaction and joy."

True or false: "Any Bible doctrine not rooted in the Lord Jesus Christ is not understood correctly."

© Becky Laney of Operation Actually Read Bible

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