Sunday, June 29, 2008

Update Bible & Sermons

My Bible reading has been a little skimpier than I'd like. I have read John 4-7. And I have read Galatians again. (It is the book we're studying in Sunday I've read it probably three times this summer.) But I haven't read much the past few days. I think Wednesday or Thursday was the last day I got some time in.

I *did* start reading MORMONISM EXPLAINED and it is fabulous. Just fabulous. So well done.

As far as sermons go, I've listened to five IN HIS GRIP sermons. Treasures of Faith Introduction, Faith Defined part 1 & 2, and Worshipping Covenantally 1 & 2. This is a sermon series on Hebrews, I think Hebrews 11 specifically, and it is great so far. I look forward to continuing on with it. I got it as a podcast back in 2006. But I'm just now getting to it. Sad but true.

For Bethlehem Bible Church, I've gone backwards instead of forwards. I discovered that the prayer series started a few weeks before I thought it did. So I listened to Praying Like God Is Your Father part one. Again, I listened to it about two or three times. I know I'll eventually get to all these sermons, but I'm not feeling the need to rush through. Better to absorb and learn than just rush through to say you're done.

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