Friday, June 13, 2008

Book Review: Worship Matters

Kauflin, Bob. 2008. Worship Matters: Leading Others To Encounter the Greatness of God.

Worship Matters is primarily for worship leaders, musicians, and pastors. However, it does have secondary value to those readers interested in this theological aspect of our lives as Christian believers. My dad and my sister--at various points in their lives--have been part of worship teams. I've witnessed--second hand if you will--the stress and pleasure (the love-hate relationship) that comes from planning and leading worship for a congregation. Picking the songs. Learning new songs. Dealing with burn-out. Feeling under-appreciated. Feeling like there's never enough time. Feeling alone as well. Like the audience, the congregation, just doesn't care what is happening. (And dealing with difficult people). It's a heavy responsibility. The idea that the songs you pick, that you play have an impact on the message of your church. That the Holy Spirit can and does use your work to minister to people. This book isn't about musical styles so much as it is about exploring what worship is. It's worship defined, explained, showcased. It's broad in scope and it does offer food for thought along with some practical tips. The practical tips weren't why I was reading it, but it may very well be a reason why you'd want to pick it up.

It's well written. It's relevant. It's timely even. It's rich-in-detail. The chapters are just the right length as well. There's enough substance to make this informative and useful. But it's not weighed down either. It's not so dense that the average person couldn't benefit from reading and studying it. It's reader-friendly.

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