Sunday, December 13, 2009

2010 Reading Resolutions Challenge

Jenny of Jenny Loves To Read is hosting the 2010 Reading Resolutions Challenge. She is asking bloggers (and readers) to create a list of reading resolutions for the new year. "They can be anything you would like to accomplish in the coming year in the realm of reading, book blogging, or perhaps personal growth."

My resolutions:

1) To read the Bible every day. Right now, I'm fairly consistent at reading it every day--every night to be precise. But I'd like to try to discipline myself to reading it twice a day. If that's possible. Right now, I can't imagine finding time in the morning to squeeze that in. But then again, if you'd asked me last December if I'd find time to read every evening, I wouldn't have believed you. So we'll see.

2) To read and review more Christian nonfiction. It would be so completely awesome if I could fit in one or two Christian nonfiction books per month. Just think--24 a year. I joined Twiga's Christian Nonfiction challenge, so I'm hoping to get to at least ten.

3) To read and review more Christian fiction. All sorts of Christian fiction. I'd like to read one or two a week. Maybe one is more realistic. Maybe two would be pushing it too far. But still, the idea of two a week just appeals to me. Anyway, we'll see. I'm hoping to read books from my own collection--I've got a few boxes to catch up on--and to read from my local library. This year, I was never able to settle into this routine. I reviewed more this year than any other year. But I still didn't get to as much as I wanted.

4) To read and review more children's books with christian content/appeal. It would be great to be familiar with more of these.

My overall goal is to reach 100 (christian nonfiction, christian fiction, christian children's books, etc).

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Momrempel said...

Wow, awesome challenge.

I am now following and will hopefully be joining in some of your challenges...I love reading too...and doing book reviews too:)

Annette said...

I joined up also! Look forward to it!