Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Book Review: Treasured

Treasured: Knowing God By The Things He Keeps. Leigh McLeroy. 2009. Waterbrook Press.

I enjoyed reading Treasured: Knowing God by The Things He Keeps by Leigh McLeroy. I found it perfect for reading devotionally right after reading my Bible each night. A chapter or two at a time was just the right amount to lift my spirits. The premise of this one is simple, the author frames this one by using a 'treasure box' symbol. She received a "treasure box" after her grandfather died. Little items--everyday things mostly--that communicated the type of person her grandfather was. She uses this to share with readers what kind of God God is. How do we know who God is? How can we know? What kinds of things would be in his treasure box? Each of the items in God's treasure box come from Bible stories. Old Testament Bible stories.

A Fig Leaf
A Fresh Olive Sprig
A Dry Waterskin
Abraham's Knife
A Strip of Bloodied Cloth
A Bloodstained Piece of Wood
A Golden Bell
A Scarlet Cord
Balaam's Riding Crop
A Head of Barley
A Shepherd's Harp String
One Smooth Stone

What I enjoyed about this one is how accessible it is. I think any reader--whether a new believer or an older one--can appreciate this book. The book shows that these Bible stories are very relevant to our lives. They still show us who God is. Each chapter illustrates how God relates to us. McLeroy shares stories from her own life and weaves Bible stories and passages within each chapter. I liked how much Scripture she used. I often find devotional books too weak in this area. Too watered down. But this one has a good balance--I think--of using modern contemporary (I can relate to that) stories and Scripture.

So I'd definitely recommend this one.

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