Thursday, April 1, 2010

Book Review: God's Little Princess Bible

God's Little Princess Devotional Bible. By Sheila Walsh. 2006. Thomas Nelson. 352 pages.

Every girl is a princess, the daughter of a King...the greatest King who created and rules over everything!

God's Little Princess Devotional Bible features Scripture selections from the International Children's Bible (ICB).

Here are some of the other features of this book: "Down In My Heart", "Beauty Secrets", "Bible Princesses", "My Hero", "Take A Bow", "I Adore You!", "Princess Charming", "Worthy of Love", and "Royal Truths."

The "Take A Bow" features share a dramatized skit for mothers and daughters to perform together. "I Adore You!" focuses on songs, music, praising God. "Princess Charming" is all about manners and etiquette. "Bible Princesses" focuses on women from the Bible. "Down In My Heart" focuses on memory verses. Each feature serves a purpose. I suppose that is where the "devotional" part comes in.

If you've got a young girl in your life--daughter, granddaughter, niece--then she may enjoy this one. Especially if she loves pink. Especially if she loves dressing up. Especially if she's a girly-girl. But not all girls love these things. Some of these activities ("devotions") may be more appealing than others.

I am not such a big fan of this one. But that doesn't mean you won't be. I would have liked to see more Scripture, less devotion. More emphasis on sharing God's Word, less attention on the activities and extensions. It depends on the reader I suppose. Different people learn different ways. And for some I think these activities, these dramas, these devotions could be just what someone needs to have God's Word come alive for them. To make it relevant. To make it real. For me, both as a child and an adult, I would have wanted more Scripture. But that's just me.

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Annette said...

My granddaughter loves this Bible book. She loves all the books!