Friday, November 19, 2010

Book Review: A Baby Born in Bethlehem

A Baby Born in Bethlehem. Martha Whitmore Hickman. Illustrated by Giuliano Ferri. 1999. Whitman. 32 pages.

One day long ago, a young woman named Mary, who was engaged to a man named Joseph, was walking in her garden. Suddenly there appeared before her a beautiful angel.
"Mary!" the angel said, "I come to you from God!"
At first Mary was frightened, and she stepped back.
"Don't be afraid," the angel said. "God is pleased with you. God is going to make something wonderful happen to you." 
"What could it be?" Mary asked, astonished.
"You will have a baby, a baby boy," the angel said. "His name will be Jesus. He will be called the Son of the Most High. And when he grows up, he will be king over all his people."
Then the angel went away. At first Mary sat quietly, thinking of what the angel had said. Then she stood up and danced her way out of the garden, and all that day she went around with singing in her heart.
I really enjoyed this picture book! I did. I thought it was a good retelling of the nativity story. And I appreciated the fact that the visit of the magi did not coincide with the shepherds! I thought this retelling was more biblical than others I've come across. I thought the illustrations were very good too. I loved the colors!

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