Saturday, November 13, 2010

Book Review: Silent Night: A Christmas Carol is Born

Silent Night: A Christmas Carol is Born. Maureen Brett Hooper. Illustrated by Kasi Kubiak. 2001. Boyds Mill Press. 32 pages.

Franz Gruber lit the candles on either side of the St. Nicholas Church organ. He slid along the bench until he sat before the keyboard. The organ pipes sparkled like a million jewels above him.

Silent Night: A Christmas Carol is born is a historical picture book retelling of how one of the world's greatest christmas hymns--carols--came to be written. When Gruber's organ breaks, he fears that Christmas will be ruined. Who could imagine a Christmas Eve service without music? But. With a little teamwork, one of the greatest songs ever was introduced to the world. For Father Joseph learning of the difficulty comes to Franz Gruber with a poem he'd written. He asks Gruber if it would be possible to set this poem to music. He asks Gruber to write a song--a melody. This song won't take the place of the organ--obviously--but it will be something. That poem, of course, was Silent Night.

"Ah, Father Joseph," Franz said. He unbuttoned his greatcoat. He reached into his pocket. "Here is your melody." Father Joseph studied the music. A smile spread across his face. "It is as if the words and melody belong together." Franz lowered his eyes. "I don't know where I found the melody," he said. "Nor I the words," replied Father Joseph. (22)
I liked this one.

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