Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012's New Testament In A Week

In April, I'll be hosting a special event. I'm asking you to join me in reading the New Testament the week before Easter. I'm asking you to set aside time during the week of April 1-8 to read the New Testament.

Does it have to be the whole New Testament?

My goal is to read the entire New Testament this week. But that does NOT have to be your goal. You can set your own goals. Your goal might be to read one gospel and a letter or two. Read 27 books, read 3 books. Just read something.

  • You may read from any translation of the Bible.
  • You may switch translations throughout the week, if you want.
  • You may use a text-only Bible, or a study Bible.
  • You may use an audio bible, an e-Bible, or an online Bible.
  • You may read the books in ANY order.
  • If you would like to follow an exact plan, you may. Here is one I found to do the New Testament in a week.
  • You may reread certain books if you would like to take some time to meditate on what you're reading.
  • If you finish reading the New Testament early, consider reading Psalm 119, Psalm 22, Psalms 113-118, Exodus 12, Isaiah 40-66.
  • No blog is required, but you may blog your progress if you like.

I wanted to announce this early so you'd have time to think about it, to plan for it. If you are interested leave a comment. You can sign up now if you like. But you don't have to commit just yet.

© Becky Laney of Operation Actually Read Bible


Sherry said...

I think I'm interested, but can you remind us in March? I'll pencil it in on my (paper) calendar.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post!

Away with New Year's Resolutions, because they don't work beyond the first few days of any New Year. I'd rather have goals and plans anytime, anyday!

And the goal of reading portions of the Bible is just a very great way of getting us back into the Word. The Word needs to become flesh to us. And this can only happen as we read it, study it, meditate upon it and apply it to our everyday lives.

With every blessing for 2012

Abigail @ Blog for the Thought said...

Sounds good. I'll probably aim to read one gospel only, because realistically just before Easter is usually a really busy time for me.

Aiko said...

Although I have a bad track record when it comes to challenges, I'm going to try and do this.

Elisabeth said...

Duly pencilled in - thank you for the link to the reading plan!