Monday, January 16, 2012

Music Review: David Crowder Band's Give Us Rest

The full title of David Crowder's Band final release is Give Us Rest, Or, A Requiem Mass in C (The Happiest of All Keys). This album is quite long, an hour and forty minutes; it has two discs with a total of thirty-four songs. (True, eighteen of these are under three minutes, but, depending on the song in question, that's not a bad thing.)

This album definitely is a concept album. The theme is death. But before you conclude that the songs are dreary and lifeless, consider just how much of the Bible concerns the believer's FUTURE GLORY, and just how many verses, how many passages, give believers assurance--hope--that heaven is indeed a wonderful place.

Are some of the songs dreary and lifeless? Are some of the songs just a little too weird for my taste? Yes and yes. I personally find the seven piece sequence more annoying than pleasing. (The songs are Sequence 1, Sequence 2, Sequence 3, etc.)

Here is an example of the 'concept' of the album:

The song, "A Burial"

The song, "Sequence 2"

The song, "The Great Amen,"

The song, Why Me?

But there are MANY, MANY great songs on this album.

The song, Oh Great God, Give Us Rest

The song, After All (Holy)

The song, Come Find Me

The song, Fall On Your Knees

The song, Because He Lives

The song, Oh Great Love of God 

The song, There Is A Sound

I would say that there are at least a dozen great songs on this album. While I doubt you'll love each and every song on the entire album, I think you'll probably find some to enjoy, some to love.

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