Sunday, January 15, 2012

Book Review: The Accidental Bride

The Accidental Bride. Denise Hunter. 2012. January 2012. Thomas Nelson. 304 pages.

The bell above the diner's door jingled and--despite her most valiant effort--Shay Brandenberger's eyes darted toward the entry. An unfamiliar couple entered, tourists. She could tell by their khaki Eddie Bauer vests and spanking new hiking boots. Look out, Yellowstone.

The Accidental Bride is a contemporary Christian romance set in Wyoming. The heroine, Shay, has been chosen to portray one of the town's founders in a re-enactment of a wedding ceremony. (This is an annual event.) The man chosen--at the last minute--to play the groom is Shay's former fiance, Travis McCoy. The two were supposed to marry, but he jilted her the day of the wedding. There are some in this small community of Moose Creek that would love to see these two reunite, and they may get their wish. For this fake marriage ceremony becomes all too real, their marriage license filled out all those years ago all too valid.

How does the couple feel about this surprise? Well, the groom is excited. He has regretted hurting Shay for close to fourteen years now. The only thing stopping him from trying to win her back was her marriage to someone else--but now that he is out of the picture, now that 'fate' has thrown them together again, well, he WANTS her to be his wife. And the bride, well, she is shocked and confused and angry. She has never forgiven him. But now she needs help save her ranch, to help her take care of her daughter.

So can this 'accidental' marriage work out for the best?

The Accidental Bride is predictable, as you might expect. Readers know that Travis and Shay will get their happily ever after. But predictability isn't a bad thing when it comes to Christian romance--or romance in general. There can be something comforting and satisfying about these kinds of reads.

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