Thursday, June 7, 2012

Goals for June 2012

As I mentioned on Sunday, this month's goal is to read the book of Revelation 30 times in June. My main translation will be the ESV. At first, I thought that having "one" translation wouldn't make a big difference in how I read Revelation. After all, Revelation is Revelation no matter the translation, right? Well, after reading it in ESV so many times, after coming to know it, becoming so familiar with the words, I've noticed that when I read other translations, I can almost automatically pick out the differences, spot the different word choices, notice the additions to the text--how extra words are being added to smooth the translation along. I do still plan to read one or two other translations a week, just to keep a fresh perspective, but I'm definitely happy to make the ESV my #1 choice.

You may remember that this is the second time this year I am using the John MacArthur system or method of Bible reading. In February, I read 1 John. I thought I would share a few words from John MacArthur just in case you're new to this idea.

Here is what he says in part,

It is my conviction that the Bible is not difficult for the believing heart to understand. And the more I understand, the more unshakable is my conviction that the Bible is the living, authoritative, inerrant Word of God. It has this remarkable effect on me: the more I study it, the more I hunger to know. So God's Word not only satisfies my appetite, but also arouses an even deeper hunger for more. I want you to experience that hunger too. I want you to live in the joy of a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ that comes only through knowing the meaning of Scripture. Here's a simple process to get you started.
Begin by developing a plan on how you will approach reading through the Bible. Just by reading the Bible you become familiar with its themes, history, and contexts. There is simply no replacement for Bible reading.

He says:
Read through the Old Testament at least once a year...

Follow a different plan for reading the New Testament. Read one book at a time repetitiously for a month or more. That will help you retain the New Testament so you will not always have to depend on a concordance to find things. If you want to try that, begin with a short book, such as 1 John, andread it through in one sitting every day for thirty daysAt the end of that time, you will know the book

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