Sunday, June 24, 2012

MacArthur System: Revelation, June 16-23

This week I read Revelation eight times!!! I read it five times in the ESV! I read it once in the KJV, once in the NKJV, once in the TMB. I was also able to finish Psalms in the HCSB! Since May 26, I've read Revelation 29 times!!! I'm really close to reaching my goal. Just one more week to go. It isn't always easy to fit Revelation into the daily schedule, I'll be honest. It was much, much, much easier to read 1 John 30 days in a row!!! But I think this intense level of exposure--is exposure the right word???--is good for me.


  • Psalms 107-150


  • Revelation (5)


  • Revelation


  • Revelation


  • Revelation

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