Saturday, October 5, 2013

A new Bible trend?! Is the Bible A Toy?

Glipit versus Flexi!

The Flexi Bible, NIV translation, by Zonderkidz, was published on AUGUST 20, 2013. It is available in blue and pink.

The GlipIt Bible, NLT translation, by Tyndale, was published on SEPTEMBER 1, 2013. It is available in blue and PURPLE. (I would love, love, love, love to review the purple one!)

Both feature additional pieces to add to the unique squishy cover. Flexi offers four strips two green and two orange. GlipIt, on the other hand, includes a cross...and 120 (yes, 120!!!) individual squares to snap onto the bible's cover. It still features pieces that act as closures. But GlipIt readers get to play more in designing their cover...again and again. And, I believe 30 of these pieces (and the cross) glow in the dark.

I have received a copy of the Flexi Bible from Zonderkidz for review. I have NOT received a copy of the GlipIt Bible by Tyndale. Though I'd be happy to review it if they want to send me a copy!!!

Which Bible will be more popular? Will either wow kids? Will the glipit Bible prove too much of a distraction during Sunday School and/or church? Will all the individual squares get lost? Do the pieces really glow in the dark? Is the cover the best part? Is the focus on the cover taking the focus away from the Word of God? Does owning a "fun" Bible make you want to actually read the text of the Bible?

Amazon Page Flexi
Amazon Page GlipIt

It would be interesting to see if this trend continues, and if other publishers copy this idea as well.

Only one thing matters to me: I want the Bible to be read, to be actually read, at all ages. I don't care what the Bible looks like--if it is traditional or trendy--so long as it is being consumed (read). If owning a new Bible motivates a person to *want* to read the Bible, then that's a good thing. If owning a new Bible makes no difference in actual time spent in the Word, well, that may be commercialism or marketing. But publishers can't *make* a person read the books they buy. They can only hope to publish books that they think will appeal to buyers.

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