Sunday, June 14, 2015

Week in Review: June 7-13

Sarah Hale wrote the famous poem “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” It is a nice little nursery rhyme, but I like to think of it theologically, completely out of its context. The Virgin Mary really did have a little Lamb—the Agnus Dei, the Lamb of God. And on the cross the Lamb took our sins upon himself as our sacrifice. “Worthy is the Lamb!” will be our eternal refrain. May we never move away from the centrality of his sacrificial death! If you do not know the joy of having been soaked with the Holy Spirit and thus of knowing Christ personally, perhaps you have not personally experienced, first, the reality and greatness of Christ’s sacrificial death and, second, the necessity of repentance. Possibly you give only lip service to the idea of his sacrificial atonement without fully depending on his shed blood. Just as the Jews needed John’s baptism of repentance, perhaps you too need to repent. Many people miss Christ because they never have truly repented. Grace without repentance is cheap grace—not the real thing. A realization of what Christ has done must be coupled with a repentant spirit if we are truly to believe and be saved. We must say, “I am nothing, but he is everything, everything, everything!” ~ R. Kent Hughes, John: That You May Believe
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