Sunday, August 9, 2015

Week in Review: August 2-8

Jesus knows us in the most profound ways. He knows our past with its failures, its hurts. He knows our present, our unrealized longings. He knows us in the most intimate ways. He knows our idiosyncrasies. He calls us by our characteristics. I sometimes wonder if he calls us some of the things we would not want to be called. It is quite possible he affectionately calls us “Grumpy” or “Fearful” or “Faithless,” just as we might talk to our sheep if we were shepherds. It is encouraging to think that not only does he know us, but we know him! ~ R. Kent Hughes, John: That You May Believe
It is not sinful to tell God how you feel. That may sound like heresy in the light of some things we have been taught, and I want to qualify it by saying that we should always be reverent toward God. He is God! We are his creatures and must ever bow to him. But that does not mean we are not allowed to express to him how we feel. Some of us have feelings that ought to be shared with God. The feelings are not necessarily right, but they are feelings that need to be brought honestly before God. But we do not, for fear of losing something. God is more patient and accepting than we realize (not to mention that he already knows our thoughts anyway, so we couldn't hide it even if we wanted to). ~ R. Kent Hughes, John: That You May Believe
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