Saturday, November 26, 2016

Book Review: Genesis 34-50

Thru the Bible: Genesis 34-50. J. Vernon McGee. 1975. 180 pages. [Source: Bought]

I have enjoyed reading a handful of J. Vernon McGee's Thru the Bible commentaries. Genesis is broken down into three volumes. The third volume covers Genesis 34-50. Here readers spend a lot of time with God and Joseph, and some time with Jacob, Judah, and the other brothers.

If you're not familiar with his commentary series, I'll take a few minutes to explain his style. McGee is a very casual and conversational, very tell-it-like-it-is, very simple. He introduces the book of the Bible. He then goes through it practically verse by verse, chapter by chapter. The translation reprinted in the commentary, is, I believe, the King James Version. It is reprinted. Unlike some commentaries that provide Scripture references and outlines, this one does give you the Scripture text in the text itself. You don't have to have an open Bible in hand. (Which is very nice!) He likes to try to make connections between then and now, to point out ways that the text is relevant to you and me.

I would definitely recommend his books. You do have to be a discerning reader. But there are some good insights in his books.
Sin needs to be spelled out. There was a time when sin was sin, but now they've taken the "s" off of it, and you're in the "in" group if you're a sinner. But that's not the way God spells sin. He still spells it S-I-N. And you will notice that "I" is right in the middle of the word--that's where all of us are.
It is a wonderful thing to stand for the truth, and when you stand for it, then you don't have to compromise.
There is no one in Scripture who is more like Christ in his person and experiences than Joseph. Yet nowhere in the New Testament is Joseph given to us as a type of Christ.
I am firmly convinced that if God's people would give out His Word and live lives that would commend the gospel, He would make their witness effective.
God has never asked us to compromise. God does ask us to give out the Word of God--regardless of the size of our congregation.
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