Wednesday, February 5, 2020

15. Jesus, Who Are You?

Jesus, Who Are You? Names of Jesus. Janna Arndt and Kay Arthur. Illustrated by Tessa Sentell. 2020. [May] 176 pages. [Source: Review copy] [family; bible study; parents and children; christian nonfiction]

From the introduction: Welcome to the Beginner Inductive Bible Study series—inductive Bible Studies that help young children learn how to read and study the Bible for themselves. This series also helps children develop important skills related to colors, shapes, positional concepts, reading, mathematics readiness, and dexterity as they learn God’s Word. Begin each day’s study by reading the brief opening story aloud to the child. Put your finger under each word so the child will learn that words have meaning and are read from left to right. If the child has already learned how to read, let the child read the story aloud to you.

From chapter one: “Hi! My name is Cooper, and this is my sister, Callie. This is our dog, Kate. Callie and I love Kate. “Kate can do funny things. She loves to sniff out clues and lick our faces. Watch out! Kate will lick your face too! “Kate wants to help us learn about Jesus. Do you know WHO Jesus is? “We do, and we want you to know Jesus too.

This book serves as an introduction to the inductive bible study method. Perhaps parents are already familiar with this method--the method has been around for decades now. Perhaps parents are NEW to the method/system. Either way, this book serves as a way to introduce bible study to little ones. According to the introduction, this book is both for children who are young enough NOT to be reading yet AND for children who are reading for themselves.

The book is a blend: a fiction story book, an interactive activity book/workbook, and nonfiction. Each day offers a story framework. A handful of children are learning about Jesus by reading specific Scripture texts--nearly all if not all--from the gospel of John. They are asking QUESTIONS of the text, and answering those questions with the text. Little ones are prompted to answer these questions and learn alongside these fictional children.

I have not used the inductive bible study method before. IN all honesty, I've been intimidated, timid, hesitant to mark up a bible with a system that may or may not be easy for me to use, process, understand. I think this one written with very young children in mind does a good job of clarifying it. Though I am sure it is much more complex than this if you look at the whole system. Mainly this one is focusing on who Jesus is.

What you see is what you get with this one.

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