Monday, February 16, 2009

Operation Actually Read Bible: Progress Report Time (Feb)

If you'd like to share your progress with other participants this month, this is the place! (Of course, you don't have to. But we're here to support and encourage one another. Never to judge.) You can share your progress in the comments--no blog or link required. But if you do blog and are keeping up with the challenge on your own blog, then feel free to share a link. You can follow some participants in the sidebar--they have permalinks to their progress pages, or else have blogs specifically for the challenge.

Thank you, Janet, for reminding me to post this. I had forgotten it was the fifteenth! I really *should* set up a google calendar reminder to post these so they'll be on time!

Janet's progress is here.

I know Cynda has posted her thoughts on Genesis here and here.

My progress is noted here and here and here and here and here. I update every week on Sunday.

If you're just joining us--discovering the blog--know that you can still join the challenge!


Soozie4Him said...

I'm about a week behind in my One Year schedule reading the ESV. I'm also doing a Beth Moore study on Paul and an Isaiah study with my small group at church. I've completed Genesis (except for the last two chapers), Job, and most of Matthew this year.


sally906 said...

At the end of January I decided that trying to read the Bible in a year was becoming a chore and not a joy.

I have switched to reading my Bible in three years - which is basically a chapter a day. This gives me time to Bible Study as well and not stress out.

So I have finished Genesis and am now reading Exodus - soon I will switch the New Testament for a while.

I am much happier with this decision - the goal is to actually read my Bible - not scare me away form it :)

Amy@The Sleepy Reader said...

I have mine posted here:

I am a couple of days behind but when I fall behind I listen to it on audio which helps me catch up.

Becky said...

That's great Susan. I understand about getting a little behind. Having a cold put me finishing Genesis about two and a half weeks behind schedule. But all's well and good.

Sally, I'm so happy you decided to switch plans rather than getting discouraged or overwhelmed. There's no "right" time schedule, and what is most important is coming to a place where you can (and do) delight in the Word. If that means taking three years or ten years, then that's what it takes.

Amy, that's a great idea to let the audio catch you up!