Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Salon: Week in Review (February 15-21)

Happy Sunday everyone! Sorry I'm posting so late in the day. But I've been busy redesigning Becky's Book Reviews. (That and we had a super-long church meeting.)

What I read this week:

Genesis 37-50 (I finished the first book in my ESV Study Bible. One down, 65 more to go!)
Exodus 1-5 (ESV Study Bible)
Acts 1-19 in the Wycliffe New Testament (I'm so glad I'm not getting bogged down in this book. I thought I might.)
Psalms 1-20 in the 1599 Geneva Study Bible (I didn't know if this translation would work for me. I hoped it would. But the text actually reads easier than some modern-day translations. In my very humble opinion this reads easier than the New King James.)

My goals for the next week:

Read in Exodus.
Finish Acts.
Maybe get to James.

I've got a few books that I should get to reviewing this week:

Heart of a Lion by Gilbert Morris
Just Another Girl by Melody Carlson

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