Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Question of the Week #8

Welcome to the ninth edition of "Question of the Week"...please answer in the comments OR write a blog post of your own and leave me a link to your answers! Feel free to borrow the graphic as well.

Do you participate in Lent? Do you give up anything for Lent? If so, what? Why? What do you hope to gain from Lent this year? I don't know if 'gain' is the right word...what I'm asking is what are your goals this year, what are you hoping to accomplish or learn? Do you think that Lent is important? Or not so much?

Lent has never been a big deal at my house, in my church, in my life. Though I recognize that for some people, many people it may be significant. (Much more important is Passion Week.) There have been times where I set a goal of reading the Bible or the New Testament during these weeks of Lent. I think I did that once or twice. But as far as giving up anything...not much comes to mind. I'm not 'officially' making any goals for this year, but it sure would be nice to finish up in the Wycliffe New Testament (I think I have five or six books left) and get started in the Tyndale New Testament. I think Lent can be important if you use these weeks to develop new habits--if you use it as a time to draw closer to God, to see Him more, to spend more time with Him. It should always--in my extremely humble and subjective opinion--be more about what you're gaining or adding, then what you're giving up.

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sally906 said...

We have never followed lent - although my mother does now. We always kept pancake day on Shrove Tuesday - but it was years before I realised its religious significance.

Maybe one of these years I will give up something for lent. I have offered to give up liver - but apparently that is not enough of a sacrifice :)

I think it is a good idea - to show your faith by giving something up for a few weeks.

Amanda said...

I used to follow Lent when I was younger, but at that time I know I didn't totally understand what it meant. My mom was never into taking us to church at that point, I just knew that all my friends gave up something they enjoyed for a couple of months, so I always did it too.

Since being saved and understanding the meaning of Lent, I appreciate it more, but I still am not an active participate. My church doesn't participate either, so it's never been a "big thing" in my life. I think it's a great idea, maybe next year I'll actually give something up.

Cynda Western Felini said...

The answers for questions 7 & 8 are now posted on my blog... http://felinidelarosa.blogspot.com/

Sherrylinn said...

Finally back on track: