Saturday, February 7, 2009

Book Review: Song of Redemption

Song of Redemption by Lynn Austin, 2005. Book Two in the Chronicles of the Kings series.

SONG OF REDEMPTION is a novelization of Hezekiah's early years reigning as king of Judah. It begins off with his religious/spiritual renewal. The land has been contaminated with idolatry for a century almost. It is time for repentance. It is time for change. With the help of a few godly advisors and priests, Hezekiah is on his way to a godly reign. The book captures his 'high' moments--the first Passover celebrations in generations--to some of his lower moments...his temptations, his weaknesses. His closest advisor, Shebna, is an ungodly man, an atheist. A man who tries to provide him worldly counself. Who tries to encourage him to stray from God's laws. To interpret them liberally. Or discard the ones he doesn't see much practicality in. With faced with threats from other nations--threats of wars--he sees no use in obeying God's laws or listening to the prophecies of God's chosen servant, Isaiah. Fortunately, Hezekiah and others close to him, such as Hilkiah and Eliakim, are there to balance out such influences. But SONG OF REDEMPTION is not Hezekiah's story alone. A much more personal story is woven throughout: that of Jerusha, an Israelite girl (teenager) kidnapped and enslaved by the Assyrian army. Can a young woman who has lived with the brutality and cruelty of repeated rape hold on to her will to survive? Is living in such horrible conditions--living with the enemy--really better than dying? What is there for her to live for? Will she ever see her family again? And if she does manage to escape, will she ever be able to live with what she's done? Can she ever get past the shame of her captivity? Song of Redemption is all about God's grace and forgiveness. All about trusting God. All about answered prayers.

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