Sunday, March 29, 2009

Blog Improvement Project #6 (part two: summary)

First things first...the intentions...

I never got around to doing the last assignment for the Blog Improvement Project--which was to research social media-type resources and blog about what you learned. But I am up to doing this continuation-project: joining and participating!

I joined twitter for this project. My user name is operationbible. I added the "follow me" birdie in the sidebar. This is my second twitter account.

My other account is blbooks. (The blbooks account is for Becky's Book Reviews and Young Readers.) I've had it quite awhile now...

Do you know about TwitterTags? I didn't until this morning. I added tags to both twitter accounts. I added many tags to both accounts.

I've also decided to use Twitterfeed. A service that automatically tweets your latest blog posts.


Update: I haven't twittered much on operationbible. I've had thirty-five updates in two weeks. Which isn't awful. But isn't all that much either. I'd hoped to have double that.

I have twittered a lot with blbooks. I've probably updated a hundred or so times in the same two week period. I look at that as positive. Twitter is twitter is twitter. And it's hard to have two active accounts. To have conversations with both accounts. It's only natural that one dominates.

I've added both blbooks and operationbible to we follow.

I've also experimented around with various twitter applications. I've tried twhirl and tweetdeck. Both are good. I like tweetdeck a little bit more because it has columns so you can always see your @ replies and your direct messages. But Twhirl has the option of having two accounts open at a time. And having a pop-up box for each account is nice. Both have it where you can customize the colors.

I've also played around with Big Tweet. It was very simple. Probably as simple as it gets. And I use this one when I want to link to a page and don't want to hassle with multiple windows and trying to shrink urls.

Overall I'm pleased with this experiment. I needed the prompting to try new things. And I like twitter, I do. Which I was skeptical of at first. So I'm definitely glad to have participated in this assignment!

Other than twitter, Goodreads is a resource I use often. I update my library there several times a week at least.

© Becky Laney of Operation Actually Read Bible


Anonymous said...

I was thinking about two Twitter accounts, one for book blogging and one for journalism, but I don't think I'd use both -- I don't tweet much yet :) So, I agree that it's probably hard to have two different accounts. I hope Twitter has been fun!


L. Diane Wolfe said...

I've found Twitter a challenge, but I keep trying! (And I can't imagine TWO accounts!)

L. Diane Wolfe

Margot said...

I finally got around to my BIP post and then went to Mr. Linky and now I am here. Thanks for this post about Twitter. I opened an account but haven't really done anything with it. It seems overwhelming. But your idea of a certain number of "tweets" in a week's time seems do-able. Thanks for the idea.

I'm now going to hit your button and start following you on Twitter. BTW, I saw your picture on Book Blogs with one of the groups I joined. I like Book Blogs a lot although I think it could become addictive.

Sherrie said...

I am also at Twitter. Haven't figured out most of the stuff there yet, but I will eventually. Haven't figured out how to get the logos into my blog posts either. Have a great evening!!