Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Book Review: Classic Bible Storybook

Taylor, Kenneth N. 2009. Classic Bible Storybook: More Than 120 Bible Stories From Kenneth N. Taylor. Tyndale Publishing. 270 pages.

This bible story collection features the stories of Kenneth N. Taylor and the art of Richard and Frances Hook. Both are "classic" in the sense that they're familiar and beloved by multiple generations. Taylor's stories have been appearing in books since 1979. I remember gleefully reading "The Book for Children" when I was in elementary school; it was released in 1985. (That book which appears to have last been printed in 2000, is out of print now--at least according to Amazon.) To get back on task, the Classic Bible Storybook contains 121 stories based on the Bible. 68 of these come from the Old Testament. 53 of these come from the New Testament. (In case that sounds disproportionate, remember that the New Testament has many letters in it; these epistles don't lend themselves easily to stories.) Each story is short--written with brief attention spans in mind--and sweet. Parents can easily see where each story comes from--the book, chapter, and verse references. After each story, there are a handful of questions. Illustrations are sprinkled throughout.

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