Friday, April 10, 2009

Book Review: A Passion Redeemed

Lessman, Julie. 2008. A Passion Redeemed. Revell. 477 pages.

She's back. And with more snap, crackle, pop than ever before! Perhaps because I knew what to expect this time around, perhaps because Charity is just naturally more exciting than Faith, but there was a little extra-something about this one that just made me love it just that much more. This time round, the narrator is Charity, the younger sister of Faith. When we meet Charity, she is still living in Ireland with her grandmother and great-grandmother. Still working in a shop. Still flirting a bit with the guys. It suits her in a way to put her natural charms to use. And she doesn't see the harm in having said charms appreciated. But Charity's got eyes--really truly--for one man alone. Mitch. Her sister's former fiance. But Mitch is unavailable. He's close-minded. He's so convinced that Charity will always-ever be up to no good that he can't stand to look at her. But Charity won't take no for an answer. And she'll do everything in her power to make him notice her. Even if it means pretending to date Mitch's boss' son, Rigan. Even if it means allowing him certain liberties that no 'true' lady would. Even if it means getting all hot and bothered with a man she has no love or respect for. And notice Mitch does...but does he like what he sees? What do you think? Is there a way for Charity to get her man? How many wrong ways will she try before she resorts to the right way?

Charity is a complex character in this one. In the first novel, the thing with Charity is that she was flighty and heartless and silly. Think Lydia from Pride and Prejudice. She was immature and disrespectful and you found yourself wanting to slap her. But in this one, Charity stays true to Charity, yet somewhere this Charity has substance and heart. Before I thought she might be a character only a mother could love. But this time round, I began to understand in a way Charity's appeal.

So do I recommend this series? Yes! It's a bit of a soap opera--I won't lie--and it won't be for everyone. Because Lessman goes places that might make a few people squirm. But it's a satisfying read. I can't wait for the third book to be released!

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Margot said...

Now this one appeals to me. I like a character who behaves more like a real person. I don't mind if the characters mess up. That's normal. The plot sounds fun.

Amy said...

I'm glad you liked it. :)