Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Question of the Week #16

Welcome to the sixteenth edition of the Question of the Week! Please consider sending me your ideas for future questions :)

This one may seem a bit out of place, but I'm going for it anyway. Do you participate in reading challenges? Why or why not? Would you be interested in participating in more reading challenges? Perhaps Christian-related reading challenges. Perhaps Bible-related reading challenges. I've been contemplating having mini-challenges--nothing certain, nothing planned out yet. And I was curious if they'd be any interest. If there's not that's fine :) Do you have any ideas of what you'd want to see in a mini-reading challenge?
I do participate in reading challenges. A lot. There are many reasons why I so easily succumb to temptation when it comes to reading challenges. But I'm always open for 'just one more' even if I *know* that one really means a dozen. As I'm the one asking the question, it's a bit obvious that I'm interested in having more Christian reading challenges. :) I haven't planned out anything yet, I want feedback before I do. But several things kept coming to mind. Like a Gospel-mini-challenge. Where readers would pick one gospel to read/watch/listen to three times hopefully in three different translations (and/or adaptations). Meaning you could watch The Gospel of John, listen to the gospel of John (I've got the NKJV Word of Promise New Testament that I still haven't listened to) and read the gospel of John. Or you could read the gospel (any gospel) in three different translations: for example purposes only, let's say NIV, NLT, and The Message. It's always interesting--at least to me--to compare and contrast and appreciate. Bibles can be word-for-word translation or thought-for-thought translation. (Not to mention all the in-betweens). And then there are paraphrases. That's just one idea I have. I am curious in reading your ideas and if seeing if there is any interest.

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Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I sign up for reading challenges and I proceed with the challenges but fall down on the documenting of them. Its like, "ok, where did I put the the master list." As far as Christian Fiction reading challenges I might be up for a mini challenge. I get about 20 minutes a day for reading so I don't get near as much read as I wold like.

Amanda said...

I did a whole lot more challenges when I started blogging than I do now. I almost never finished them and always felt disappointed in myself at the end. Silly!

So now I think I have 4 or 5 challenges going, but nothing overwhelming. One takes place over 5 years. 2 others are over 1 year. It makes it easier when there aren't stringent time constraints.

I would definitely be up for some mini-challenges...I like the idea of doing some Christian fiction or even non-fiction. I'm sure I'll sign up for whatever you decide on!

Sherrylinn said...

I've never had the opportunity, but would love to give a mini-challenge a try to see if i'm up to it.

Margot said...

I am a regular reader (love the Wednesday questions) but not much of a commenter. This questions fits into something I was thinking about. I am in about ten challenges and don't seem to be having a problem keeping up. So, to myself I said - perhaps I need a Bible Challenge to get myself to read the Bible more? I read a few verses or chapters with my morning devotions but that's it.

One idea I came up with was to challenge myself to learn, in depth, about particular people in the Bible. I like character studies so this appealed to me. I also like your idea of concentrating on one particular book in the Bible. I've tried and failed many times to read the Bible through in one year. That's one challenge I can't do.

But I'm with you on a challenge. I need it.

hopeinbrazil said...

Becky, I used to HATE challenges, thinking that people who entered them obviously had no minds of their own if they had to let someone else tell them what to read. But now I think differently. I joined three challenges this year because they centered around goals I had already made for myself. The challenges keep me somewhat accountable and I like that.