Sunday, March 7, 2010

Book Review: The Centurion's Wife

The Centurion's Wife. Davis Bunn. Janette Oke. 2009. Bethany House. 384 pages.

Usually Leah followed the path briskly from the main kitchen to the baths.

Leah is a servant in Pilate's household. She serves his wife, Procula, especially since her mistress has been suffering horribly from headaches and nightmares. But Procula has also given her another task, a greater mission. She is curious--very curious--about the rumors she is hearing. She has heard that Jesus, this man so newly crucified, is not dead but risen. What is she to make of that?! What is Leah to make of that?! Her husband Pilate is also curious, though for much different reasons. He is just one of many who would like to know if more trouble is on the way. What are the Jews plotting? What does Rome need to know about this threat? Who is starting these rumors? Do they need to be stopped?

Pilate has his own man for the job. There is a centurion who has been wanting Leah's hand in marriage. Pilate knows he can use this man to find his answers. He'll allow a betrothal, but in order to take his wife, he'll need to complete his mission for Pilate.

Alban, this centurion, like Leah, doesn't know what to make of these stories about Jesus. Both are in a mission to learn more, to see for themselves what is behind the mystery. What they both discover may just change their lives and their futures.

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