Monday, July 19, 2010

Music Review: Born Again (NEWSBOYS)

I don't know how much of a review this will be. It's more like a gushing. Why? I find myself addicted to this new CD. How addicted? Well, in the three days since I bought the CD, I've probably listened to it 20 times.

I am a Newsboys fan. I've been a long-time fan. Some Newsboys' albums I love and adore. Some I like--nothing more, nothing less. And then there are the few that I become addicted to. Those with addiction status include Going Public, Take Me To Your Leader, Step Up To The Microphone, and In the Hands of God.

Michael Tait is the new lead singer. I wasn't worried. Why? Because Tait is so very, very good. I loved him in dc Talk, enjoyed his solo projects, and became a little Hero! obsessed. So I didn't doubt for a second that the CD would be good. I just didn't know how good.

The CD has twelve songs:
  • Born Again
  • One Shot
  • Way Beyond Myself
  • Impossible
  • When the Boys Light Up
  • Build Us Back
  • Escape
  • Miracles
  • Running to You
  • On Your Knees
  • Mighty to Save
  • Jesus Freak
I do have favorites. "One Shot" and "Way Beyond Myself" are battling it out for top position. Both are so addictive, so catchy. I found that even the few I didn't love at first listen--the first eight seconds of When the Boys Light Up had me scared, I must admit--soon became just as addicting.

The video for "Born Again" can be found at YouTube.

About Michael Tait joining Newsboys:

Peter Furler and Michael Tait talk together about the changes.

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