Thursday, September 30, 2010

Book Review: God's Mighty Acts in Creation

God's Mighty Acts in Creation by Starr Meade. 2010. Crossway. 112 pages.

Looking for a book of family devotions? You should definitely consider Starr Meade's God's Mighty Acts in Creation. It's designed for use with children--aged 8 to 12. Forty-five messages all themed around creation--focusing on how God reveals himself through creation.

From "What We Can See In Nature"

Are you a nature lover? You may not think of yourself as a nature lover, but I'm sure you are. The word the Bible uses for nature is "creation." You yourself are a creature, a part of creation. You're probably glad that God created you! There are surely other parts of creation you love and enjoy: people, for instance, and horses and dogs and dolphins. If you appreciate any of those, you're appreciating God's creation. (10)
From "Take Off Your Shoes"

All creation should cause us to stop and take notice of God, because everything in it reveals something of God to us.... Even Christians take creation for granted and fail to notice God's revelation in it. In this book, we will practice "seeing." We'll consider each thing God made during the creation week, looking to see how it shows us something of who God is. But because creation is only "general revelation" and limited, we will also look at God's "special revelation," his Word, to see how God himself said these created things teach us of him. Our goal will be to develop the habit of looking at creation and "seeing" reminders of God, so that we'll take off our shoes and worship God for who he is and what he has done. (12-13)

Here's how the book is organized.
Creator and Creation: An Introduction (2 lessons)
Day 1: Light and Water (10 lessons)
Day 3: Land and Plants (10 lessons)
Day 4: Sun, Moon, and Stars (5 lessons)
Day 5: Birds and Fish (6 lessons)
Day 6: Animals and People (12 lessons)
Each reading is two pages; each includes an "As for me and my house..." extension activity. (Similar to Starr Meade's Bible story book, Mighty Acts of God.)

I really enjoyed this one! I think it would be great for Christian families. Also available, God's Mighty Acts in Salvation. (I hope to review this one soon!)

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