Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Book Review: More Than Words

More Than Words by Judith Miller. 2010. Bethany House. 368 pages.

"Come down from that tree, Oma!" I'd done my best to sound firm.

Historical fiction. Amana Colonies, Iowa. 1880s.

Gretchen, our heroine, has a busy life. She helps her father with the general store. She tries her best to 'mother' her younger brother, Stefan. She is also responsible for taking care of her grandmother, her Oma. And since Oma has dementia--it's a job with no end. But. No matter how busy her life may get, Gretchen, finds time to write. She journals and writes poetry. Not every one notices this--Gretchen's special gift. Many just take her for granted. Not noticing the things that make her special, unique. But. There is one man (at least) who notices.

For better or worse, Gretchen's life is changed one year when an outsider, Mr. Finley, comes to town, comes to her father's store. A salesman more interested in getting acquainted with Gretchen than in selling his merchandise. A man who claims he's interested in joining the community. But is becoming a part of the Amana community really what he's interested in?

And then there are the visiting gypsies....her brother and grandmother can't resist visiting the gypsy camp every chance they get. It doesn't help that neither are supposed to. That Gretchen feels responsible for them both.

Can Gretchen find some peace in her life? Can she find love?

I didn't enjoy this one as much as Somewhere to Belong. But I didn't dislike it. I just found it a bit predictable in places. It didn't help that the publisher gave too much away in their description! True, I might have been suspicious of Mr. Finley's intentions anyway. HOWEVER. I did enjoy Conrad very much.

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