Friday, August 30, 2013

Book Review: Captives

Captives (The Safe Lands #1) Jill Williamson. 2013. Zondervan. 400 pages. [Source: Library]

Captives is the second dystopian novel published by a Christian publisher that I've read this year; the first being Anomaly by Krista McGee published by Thomas Nelson. I am happy to see this trend crossover to Christian publishing. Sometimes I crave a good dystopia.

Captives was an interesting read with multiple narrators. Three of the narrators are brothers: Levi, Mason, and Omar. Some of the other narrators are young women. Both perspectives are essential, I think.

The community of Glenrock is almost completely destroyed, its inhabits either slain or kidnapped. Those that were kidnapped were taken to the "Safe Lands." The "Safe-Lands" is surface-beautiful. Meaning that it is pleasure-oriented, shallow and superficial. Its residents can distract themselves from harsh truths--they are all suffering from an incurable disease--by little daily pleasures. Some pleasures being not so little. Some being quite dangerous and risky. The residents of Glenrock are appealing because they do not have the plague, the disease. They are "pure" and therefore capable of reproducing healthy children. Many scientists believe these outsiders are the only hope.

Levi, one of our heroes, was away from the community when the attack occurred. Though he could have perhaps chosen to walk away and join another outsider community, he knows he can't take the easy way out. He MUST go to the Safe Lands and try to rescue everyone. He is most particularly concerned with rescuing the love of his life, Jemma, but he cares for the whole community really.

I really enjoyed this identity-focused coming-of-age dystopian novel. The characters all struggle with how they see themselves and how they fit into the big picture. They all struggle with labels and expectations. They all have strengths and weaknesses.

I would definitely recommend this one!

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Monica said...

Great!!! My list just keeps growing! What's a book lover to do!? This sounds really good. I am not a fan of the "dark dystopia" so to speak but this one doesn't sound "dark". Due no dought to the christian author.