Monday, August 19, 2013

Quoting D.L. Moody

DON’T be afraid to borrow and lend Bibles. Some time ago a man wanted to take my Bible home to get a few things out of it, and when it came back I found this noted in it: Justification, a change of state, a new standing before God. Repentance, a change of mind, a new mind about God. Regeneration, a change of nature, a new heart from God. Conversion, a change of life, a new life for God. Adoption, a change of family, new relationship towards God. Sanctification, a change of service, separation unto God. Glorification, a new state, a new condition with God. In the same hand-writing I found these lines: Jesus only; the light of heaven is the face of Jesus. The joy of heaven is the presence of Jesus. The melody of heaven is the name of Jesus. The theme of heaven is the work of Jesus. The employment of heaven is the service of Jesus. The fulness of heaven is Jesus himself. The duration of heaven is the eternity of Jesus. ~ D. L. Moody, The Pleasure and Profit of Bible Study
I believe in getting a good Bible, with a good plain print. I have not much love for those little Bibles which you have to hold right under your nose in order to read the print; and if the church happens to be a little dark, you cannot see the print, but it becomes a mere jumble of words. Yes, but some one will say you cannot carry a big Bible in your pocket. Very well, then, carry it under your arm. ~ D. L. Moody, The Pleasure and Profit of Bible Study
© Becky Laney of Operation Actually Read Bible

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