Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My Year with Spurgeon: Week #31

It is a glorious fact, that prayers are noticed in heaven. ~ Charles Spurgeon, "Paul's First Prayer"
The shepherd of our souls rejoices in the vision of his sheep securely folded, he triumphs in spirit when he brings a wanderer home. ~ Charles Spurgeon, "Paul's First Prayer"
One prayer coming from the soul is better than a myriad cold readings. As for prayers that spring from the mouth and head only, God abhors them; he loves those that come deep from the heart. ~ Charles Spurgeon, "Paul's First Prayer"
He who communes with God in secret, may be trusted in public. ~ Charles Spurgeon, "Paul's First Prayer"
The mere reading of a book of daily devotion will not prove you a child of God; if you pray in private, then you have a sincere religion; a little religion, if sincere, is better than mountains of pretense. ~ Charles Spurgeon, "Paul's First Prayer"
Praying will make you leave off sinning, or sinning will make you leave off praying. Prayer in the heart proves the reality of conversion. A man may be sincere, but sincerely wrong. ~ Charles Spurgeon, "Paul's First Prayer"
Every now and then I get a letter from somebody or other taking me to task for preaching election. All the answer I can give is, “There it is in the Bible; go and ask my Master why he put it there. I cannot help it. I am only a serving man, and I tell you the message from above. If I were a footman, I should not alter my master’s message at the door. I happen to be an ambassador of heaven, and I dare not alter the message I have received. If it is wrong, send up to head-quarters. There it is, and I cannot alter it.” ~ Charles Spurgeon, "Paul's First Prayer"
Christians, would you be happy? Be much in prayer. Would ye be victorious? Be much in prayer. ~ Charles Spurgeon, "Paul's First Prayer"
The reason we have not more true religion now, is because we have not more prayer. ~ Charles Spurgeon, "Paul's First Prayer"
Go home and say to your minister, “Sir, we must have more prayer.” Urge the people to more prayer. Have a prayer-meeting, even if you have it all to yourself; and if you are asked how many were present, you can say, “Four.” “Four! How so?” “Why, there was myself, and God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost; and we have had a rich and real communion together.” We must have an outpouring of real devotion, or else what is to become of many of our churches? ~ Charles Spurgeon, "Paul's First Prayer"

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