Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Book Review: Rachel

Rachel. Jill Eileen Smith. 2014. Revell. 320 pages. [Source: Review copy]

Rachel is the third book in the Wives of the Patriarchs series by Jill Eileen Smith. I have loved her novels in the past. I think I prefer her Wives of David series a bit more, but, for the most part I have really enjoyed this second series of biblical fiction.

Jacob, Isaac's son, has more than one wife. He is married to two fiesty sisters: Leah and Rachel. Readers catch glimpses of Leah's perspective in this one. But for better or worse, more sympathy is extended towards the wife Jacob actually loved, Rachel. Many readers may share this sympathy. I don't. Scripture does not reveal Rachel to be an innocent victim, or, even an especially nice person. She's beautiful, true, but she is a bitter complainer. While Jill Eileen Smith offers up an oh-so-innocent excuse for Rachel stealing her father's idols and taking them with her, I'm not convinced. Jacob was not exactly great at keeping his family and his extended household from worshipping idols. (See Genesis 35:2-4)

The novel covers the events of Genesis 28 through Genesis 35. I liked it very much. I liked the multiple perspectives. The novel is very busy--it would have to be! I would definitely recommend this series!

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