Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Book Review: Every Little Thing About You

Every Little Thing About You. (Yellow Rose Trilogy, #1) Lori Wick. 1999. Harvest House. 300 pages. [Source: Bought]

I believe Every Little Thing About You is my first Lori Wick novel to read. I really liked it. I am sure it won't be my last!

Every Little Thing About You is set in Texas in the early 1880s. The hero is Slater Rawlings. He's decided recently to quit the Texas Rangers. He wants to find a place that feels like home and settle down. He wants to find a church home. He happens to find that place to belong in Shotgun, Texas. The town didn't exactly welcome him with open arms on his first day. In fact, on that very first day in town, he finds himself in jail! Why? The town has a strict no-gun policy, a policy that he violated innocently. How could he have known after all?! He is arrested by a WOMAN who happens to be deputy in town. Her brother is the sheriff. As anyone can guess, Liberty Drake and Slater Rawlings are destined to fall in love with one another.

Our heroine, Libby (Liberty) is very strong and capable. She's great with guns, but, just because she has the skills, does that mean she should be the one putting her life on the line as deputy? Especially since there's a new guy in town, a former Ranger, who would love her job. In part, Slater wants the job so he can keep her safe.

Every Little Thing About You is a pleasant surprise. I loved that Wick took the time to develop a whole community. I loved getting to know Liberty's family: her mother, her stepfather, her brother, her half-brother, her half-sister. I loved getting to know Slater's family: his brothers, Dakota, and Cash. I loved getting a feel for the whole community in various scenes. It made the novel as a whole a lot more believable and enjoyable! And it's something that not every author manages to do. The characters were very well done, I thought.

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