Thursday, May 29, 2014

Book Review: Growing in Christ

Growing in Christ. J.I. Packer. 1977/1994/2007. Crossway. 288 pages. [Source: Bought]

Growing in Christ was originally published under the title I Want To Be A Christian. And in some ways that is an equally fitting title for this instructional book. Here readers are treated to the basics of the basics.

Growing in Christ is divided into four sections. The first section explores the Apostles Creed line by line. The second section discusses baptism and conversion. The third section examines the Lord's Prayer line by line. The fourth section focuses on the ten commandments. See basics of the basics.

Growing in Christ is reader-friendly. It is organized. It is concise. It is straight to the point. How short is short? Most chapters are under four pages. I am a reader. I have always been a reader. So longer chapters don't intimidate me usually. But. That isn't true for everyone. Just because you're a Christian doesn't make you automatically a reader. Love for Christ does not equal love for books! Theology books can be intimidating. One might have the desire to learn but be intimidated or overwhelmed by books, by theology. This book is for everyone. The chapters are short and informative and stay on task. The book is not condescending. It seeks to be interactive. Every single chapter asks the reader to do something, to engage with the Bible, to contemplate and reflect. Each chapter concludes with "Further Bible Study" and "Questions for Thought and Discussion."

Sample questions:

  • What does Christ's death have to do with your sins?
  • What difference does it make whether we face death with Christ or without him?
  • In what way is Christ's future coming reason for hope?
  • Who does the work of Christian conversion, and what is that work?
  • Why is a converted life-style more significant than a conversion experience?
  • How does one's view of God affect one's view of prayer?

Growing in Christ could be used for groups: classes, small groups, etc. But it could also be used for personal study.

I would recommend this one.

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